Frost in cognac vineyards

candles and braziers in vines

Nature remains the boss and knows how come back as a reminder of anyone who would forget it. Obviously, winegrowers don’t belong to this category as they work day after day close to it and know that nothing is ever won. This past week, and still this one, vines have more or less deeply suffered […]

Pruning and binding in the vines

binding the cognac vines

While distillation time will be over at march 31st, pruning and binding the vines are still under way. Whatever the weather, morning frost, rainy day, cold wind, day after day, hooded women and men work in vineyards, as Carole in her vines last march on the first image. Pruning is a key work in vineyards […]

Opening of the UK edition of Cognac Bartender Contest


After the great success of the french one, here comes the UK one. This 100 % digital contest for bartender is organized by Cognac Official (BNIC) and Spirits Hunters . The idea is to bring support to bartenders in this tricky period and give them the opportunity to show their creativity and talent with cognac […]

Cognac Jean Luc Pasquet celebrates the Birkebeinerrennet

cognac spécialement dédié à un moment de l'histoire de la Norvège

Birken AS has recently announced that “due to the strong official covid-restrictions”, the organization “…is forced to cancel the Birkebeinerrennet famous ski race this year, reporting to 2022 on march 19th…” If unfortunately this legendary ski race is postponed, all the norwegian and cognac lovers, can however celebrate the moment with this “Jean Luc Pasquet […]

Migratory birds on the way back to north

migratory birds

Here they are back ! The last north-south flights took place early december. And since a couple of weeks, thousands of migratory birds, common cranes and geese fly right above us in the opposite side. We heard the flight before we can see it : “Krrou, krouu ” an incessant and noisy sound , then […]

Distillation time

Day and night till march 31st, distillers live according to the tempo of theirs stills and  process  called “double chauffe” or “repasse” in french,  i.e two separate heatings, in a special “charentais” copper still. The distillation is a particular moment which appeals to emotional senses of sight and smell :  a sweety temperature near the stills, the slow […]

New artistic collaboration for Maison Hennessy

Welcome in the new lunar year celebrating the ox, symbol of openness, talent and confidence. This year, Maison Hennessy commissioned the renowed chinese artist Liu Wei to work on the XO and VSOP limited edition 2021 dedicated to this event. The contemporary artist has been fascinated by the story of Maison Hennessy, since its fouding. […]

One week, feet in water

2021 flood is already in a good place in the ranking of the 10 most significant ones of the past 100 years! During winter time, when the weather is particularly rainy, the Charente river often overflows fields and vines and some roads close to it, but it remains without any tough consequences. People who live […]