Harvest time in cognac land

harvest machine in cognac
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Harvest started last week after a tricky year but fortunately for us, not so difficult than in other vineyards in France and Europ. As it is a very particular moment for each winegrower, let us review our knowledge on the D-Day for harvest in cognac land.

la machine à vendanger et les hommes qui suivent

How to determine the D-Day ?

Each winegrower asked himself the question. The technical services of the Interprofessional Organization (BNIC) give an expected date for the beginning of harvest. Nevertheless, it depends from so many elements, that the final decision-maker is…the winegrower who knows and “feel” when it’s the right time to start. In fact, it looks like a very subtle balance between professional skills and intuition, and requires a fair amount of experience. Needless to say that it is a nerve-wracking period, especially when the weather has played unkind tricks during the year.

machine à vendanger sur la route
le viticulteur examine les grappes avant la vendange

The D-Day of harvest and thereafter

It looks like a math equation : the maturity of the grapes, the health status of the vines, the weather forecasts and… the taste of berries ! The reason why experience and human sensibility are as so important as technical data, to get quality vines and thus, years after, fine cognacs !

la benne déverse la récolte
le pressoir en action pendant les vendagnes dans le vignes de cognac

End of september and beginning october

Depending from the year and temperatures, harvest in cognac land usually begin in the second part of september month for Ugni blanc, and ended in the second part of october. This year the official starting date was september 23 th due to a chill beginning of summer. Last year, it was more or less 10 days before and a huge part of harvest took place during the night due to very hot temperaturs in the day ! In fact, each year is different.

vendanges de nuit dans le cognac


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