New artistic collaboration for Maison Hennessy

Welcome in the new lunar year celebrating the ox, symbol of openness, talent and confidence. This year, Maison Hennessy commissioned the renowed chinese artist Liu Wei to work on the XO and VSOP limited edition 2021 dedicated to this event. The contemporary artist has been fascinated by the story of Maison Hennessy, since its fouding. […]

LIU WEI signe l’édition limitée Hennessy XO et VSOP

Le jeune artiste émergent Guangyu Zhang, originaire de Shanghai, avait signé en février 2019 une édition limitée associant  harmonieusement les influences  et les techniques des cultures orientales et occidentales. Cette année, Hennessy a donné carte blanche à Liu Wei, artiste chinois vivant à Pékin pour interpréter la nouvelle édition limitée de Hennessy VSOP et XO. […]

Artistic collaboration between Vilhs and Hennessy

The exhibition Make the invisible visible retraces both the sources of inspiration of renowned artist Vilhs and the meeting of minds between Maison Hennessy, its innate affinity for the artistic avant-garde illustrated by numerous collaborations with the most pionneering figures of street art, and the portuges artist.

Arty exhibitions in cognac land

What’s going on in october between harvest and distillation time in cognac land ? Li Hongbo, in Angoulême, JonOne, Selgas Cano in Cognac, international artists are challenging minds and codes with stunning arty exhibitions. A must-see before winter time.