September in cognac vineyards, the indian summer

As for many of us, september means “back to work”. Fortunately we live in a so lovely countryside in Charente, that with sunny and warm weather, it seemed to be still holidays time in cognac vineyards …  A lot of nice things to do and to see, and first of all, the famous “circuit des remparts d’Angoulême”. A race in the town for classic and vintage cars, and the opportunity for a car stroll the day before in cognac vineyards and charente landscape for many drivers, a lot of them coming from abroad each year.


Cognac vineyards and winegrowers

In cognac vineyards, the countdown is on,  first days of this month. Obviously, the beginning of the harvest is  depending from weather. After very dry july and august, some later rains have been welcomed, except for thoses who have been under an other hail storm.

livingincognac - angouleme street

“Backstage”, it’s a busy month for winegrowers devoted to hardware verification, cleaning, and preparing harvester machines and tractors for the 2016 grape harvest.

livingincognac -preparing tank

livingincognac - harvesting


 The “international circuit des  remparts”

Before the races on sunday in the historical city of Angoulême, the international rally allows to discover nearly 200 km of small roads in Charente, with stop in castles, manors in a nice  countryside of vineyards, forests and rivers. A lot of people is waiting on the side of the roads, to see the cars, some of them with flags of their homeland, as many british and dutch people leave in Charente ! Great moment, some pilots and passengers greet the on lookers, as Queen Mum

livingincognac - rally circuitdesremparts


livingincognac - circuit des remparts

On sunday, pilots from all over Europe follow the example  of famous elders such as Fangio, Troubetskoy or Maurice Trintignant, on a tremendous circuit along the ancient city walls.

Looking for thrills ? See the embedded  video of Simon Kelleway in a 1937 Riley Sprite Special on the Plateau Sommer race. “Probably one of my best races ever – certainly the most fun – as it was a real dog fight from start to end with Mark E (Austin 7) and Mark G (Nash). Good close racing. I started 4th, got up to 3rd at the first corner, then back to 4th, down to 5th, back to 4th then 3rd, before finally finishing 4th. There’s always next year!” – Thanks Simon for the rights CC

Legends cars plateau.

livingincognac - the remparts 2016

Many others nice moments take place all along theses days, specially when owners meet public and share their passion.



I met this luxurous car friday evening when I left a vip party. Sure I would’ve been happy to go back home inside.

livingincognac - the remparts 2016


When the crowd has left the beaches, I can walk  several kilometers along the sea, bathe in the ocean for the last time of the year, a quality time highly appreciated, and also play golf in a stunning place, at golf de La Palmyre.

livingincognac - lapalmyregolfclub

livingincognac - lapalmyre golf club

livingincognac - lapalmyregolfclub

Playing with light and transparency, inside and outside the club house lounge…

A new book on the cognac saga has been edited this month, only available in french for the moment. I have been one the first readers of course.

livingincognac - encyclopédie du cognac

Before their own holidays , I met my friends Max and Pierre in their heaven of peace, the Logis de Puygaty. More on their awesome B&B

lilvingincognac - Max & me

Finally, harvest began end of september for the vines which have suffered of hail storm.


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