From Miami to cognac vineyards


Let me tell you the true story  of a sleeping beauty in cognac vineyards and of two princes of  design, elegance, and creativity coming for Miami.  For Pierre and Max, it has been love at first sight for this 15th century manor left to rot for a too long time.

“In twenty years when I look back on this chapter of my life, I hope I will remember most the regular walks we take around the Logis with our three dogs, and our cat Nelson. We walk, the dogs unleashed and totally free, for hours-on-end and pass through forests and farmland, by lakes and rivers, and rarely see anyone. The communal destination-of-choice is a source which was framed in carved limestone over 600 years ago and where today the dogs love to swim. And then I think, “Where else in the world in 2010, and only 2 hours from Paris by train” ?


livingincognac - logis de puygatyThis poetic words, Max wrote them in  the agenda he created to highlight “the best of Charente”. Since 2010, 7 editions have beeen printed for the new year, each of them with a special tone : stone of Charente,  gastronomy and cognac, roman art, skilled artisans, history and so on…

Belgian native, Pierre worked for a long time in States and felt the desire to return back in Europe, and Max, american citizen, who studyied for a while in Firenza, dreamed to live on the old continent. One day,  they left their superb property of Miami and travelled a lot, mainly in Italia and South France,  to find their new restling home : need of wide space for their animals, and sun for them. The quest finished as they passed the imposant front porch  of the Logis : it was there and nowhere else.

livingincognac -logis de puygaty

They did not know anybody when they arrived, they are famous nowadays, here and not only. Max and Pierre have restored the manor in a magistral manner, in a total respect of the architecture and with a mad skill for interior design. Working with local crafstmen, they used simple, rough material found on the site : wood, steel, old farm tools… an incredible mix of modern design and re-interpreted  old materials.  After 3 years and half of hard work, the Logis recovered his past beauty..The result is so successfull that Pierre and Max opened a boutique in the barn, called “Sortie de grange” featuring decorative objects, antiques, lighting, gifts, fabrics and finds.

livingincognac - logis de puygaty

livingincognac - logis de puygaty

livingincognac - Logis de Puygaty

And in the outbuildings, overlooking the nice courtyard, they have nestled their B&B, 3 stunning bedrooms,  and a guest cottage, each of them named after a former owner of the Logis. International livestyle, design, tourism and architecture media regularly publish on Logis de Puygaty and their gifted owners.

livingincognac - logis du puygaty

Max always thought that Charente, which is the adminstrativ area of Cognac region but not only, was not enough known. During 7 years, he edited a luxury  agenda called “Best of Charente” to highlight  the hidden facets of the region. Max is one of the best ambassadors or Charente in the world. ” There is, here in Charente, a heritage which must be know all around the world. To make it known, I have had the idea of the agenda”

livingincognac - logis de puygaty

Who hasn’t dreamed of such a place ?

Good new, you can spend a few days in Logis de Puygaty,  so kindly welcomed by  Max and Pierre and their good fellows, Farouk, Jackie, Alzane the dogs and Nelson the cat.


livingincognac - logis de puygaty

livigincognac - logis de puygaty

You will discover a discret lifestyle, the location is utterly serene and peaceful, and you never forget the stunning welcome of Pierre and Max. The guest book speaks for them.

livingincognac - logis de puygaty




lilvingincognac - Max & me

Thank you so much Dear Max.


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