One week, feet in water

2021 flood is already in a good place in the ranking of the 10 most significant ones of the past 100 years! During winter time, when the weather is particularly rainy, the Charente river often overflows fields and vines and some roads close to it, but it remains without any tough consequences. People who live […]

Positive thoughts from cognac land

As it’s the last day of january and the very last moment to do it, I wish everyone all my best : no resolutions impossible to reach, just positive thoughts to croos 2018 in a good mood ! Many thanks to each of you to follow and appreciate the blog, facebook page and instagram post. […]

Vineyards take a dip in december

After days and days without any drop of rain, which was becoming worrisome for nature, rain falls without interruption for the last days of year and beginning of this one. The river Charente overflows fields and vines take a dip !  Soils get difficulties to absorb so much water in a so small period…