October means harvest month in cognac

October month is very busy in cognacvineyards. Harvest time is on. Depending of the  previous seasons, harvest begins early october or mid october, but always in this month. We felt really good  as living a never-ended summer, and the morning mist gave the landscape a fairytale atmosphere…My previous post related exclusively of the harvest from vineyards to cellar and vats, with pictures and videos in order you could live the event as if you were there. If you did not see, just take a peek.

So, to summarize this topic in a pre-and-post manner :


livingincognac 2016 veraisoncognac-harvest-2016-living-in-cognac

Harvest represents a lot of skill, tough work, and passion, men and equipments operate at the peak of performance…

livingincognac2016 vendangeslivingincognac2016 vendangeslivingincognac2016 vendangeslivingincognac 2016 vendangeslivingincognac - harvest 2016 - the pianolivingincognac - harvest 2016 fermentation vat



In the vineyards

I talked you about the indian summer, last month. We have been lucky to keep it for a large part of  october :  some misty mornings  specially near the Charente river, and sunny  warm afternoons. A good weather for the winegrowers as it’s not really easy harvesting with rain and cold temperatures, and not so good for wine. So  great thanks to the weather which has been friendly with us.

livingincognac 2016 Anne Loloum Frangeullivingincognac-saint-simeux-2016-foglivingincognac 2016 vignes dans le brouillardlivingincognac 2016 vignes dans le brouillard

I already told you how lucky we are to “live in cognac”, this small french area which produces the most famous “eau-de-vie” of the world. Let me try to convince you below.


Awesome evening light



Land art in the vines…



The Charente river

livingincognac 2016 charente




Golf addict

Last days to play golf after work, days grow shorter,  and daylight savings at the end of the month, will stop this good moment for several months… Sometimes we could just play 4/5 holes…livingincognac 2016 golf de l'Hirondelle

A stunning place to see sunset on the white limestone front of houses of the city : a “spot”known by the photographs coming to take pictures and timelapse of this rainbow playing on stones.



Do you believe me if I say we have a small Versailles here in Charente ?  A crazy dream of two brothers of past century, art lovers, who lost all their fortune, to build a replica of Versailles facade, closed to their family castle. After they died, it has been a bit tricky for Château de la Mercerie, during too long years. Happily, since 5 years, like a phoenix, the  castle is restored by an association of volunteers who worked with passion all the year long. Many work to do, many work have been done.

The 220 meters long of the facade has entered the Guinness book of records as the longest  castle facade ever built in XX century.

The end of the amazing facade  with nothing behind… livingincognac-2016-chateau-de-la-mercerie-2

And to end this stroll, let’s have a look at the nice village of Villebois Lavalette,  neighbour of Château de la Mercerie, with its impressive castle and awesome market place.

livingincognac 2016 Anne Loloum Frangeullivingincognac 2016 villebois lavalettelivingincognac-2016-chateau-de-villebois-lavalette-4livingincognac-2016-chateau-de-villebois-lavalette

I hope you have had a nice october month wherever you live.

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