Charente runs through it

Reference to the Robert Redford movie in Montana, the Charente river really runs through the AOC cognac vineyards from east to west. A quiet river which plays with landscape and flows into Atlantic sea just face to the famous “Fort Boyard”. Hop on board, imminent departure.

Caburote, little house of winegrower

It was a shelter for the winegrower in the past time. The caburote, little house in the middle of the vineyards has no use nowadays. Some of them fall into ruin. It’s really to bad as they are the witness of a no so distant past. They deserve to be restored as an genuine element […]

Winter weather in cognac vineyards

Since this first days or this new year, winter is there in cognac region,  with its white mornings, frozen fields and vineyards,  frozen grass glittering in sun like today, in short, a “temps de saison” as we say in french. And an opportunity to take photos and share them.

In the privacy of cognac distilleries

The scottish photograph, Mark Unsworth, is the guest of Cognac Museum till mid january. Famous specialist of food and beverage world, and more specially of the distilleries of Islay island where he lives and works, he has brought a fresh look on cognac distilleries of small properties. And  for him, it has been the story of a nice discovery.

From Miami to cognac vineyards

  Let me tell you the true story  of a sleeping beauty in cognac vineyards and of two princes of  design, elegance, and creativity coming for Miami.  For Pierre and Max, it has been love at first sight for this 15th century manor left to rot for a too long time. “In twenty years when […]