Migratory birds on the way back to north

migratory birds
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Here they are back ! The last north-south flights took place early december. And since a couple of weeks, thousands of migratory birds, common cranes and geese fly right above us in the opposite side.

migratory birds
common cranes

We heard the flight before we can see it : “Krrou, krouu ” an incessant and noisy sound , then a perfect geometric V appears in the sky. Sometimes, the birds break the V to search the best thermal lift to pursue. The birds take turns as leader of the squad during their flight.

It’s always amazing and emotionnal to see theses migratory birds above our heads. Everyone raises the head to look at this wonder of nature.

More and more often, the birds stop for wintertime at 200 hundred kilometers south from here, in Pays Basque, or cross Pyrénées mountains to stop in Spain.

And we see them on the way back to north earlier than past years. They are symbol of on-coming spring !


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