From green to translucent, the veraison

When the berries become translucent, we call it the “veraison”. It usually allows to determine the harvest date, about 40 days later. End August/beginning september is the time of  ripening process.

The reign of Ugni blanc

The Ugni blanc is the predominant variety of vines, about 98 %.  After the phylloxera disaster at the end of XIX century, Ugni blanc replaced Colombard and Folle Blanche. This variety is more resistant to grey rot especially.
The late maturing Ugni Blanc,  is also appreciated for its high acidity level and low alcohol content.

The two historical varieties have progressively disapperead. However, a few winegrowers still have such vines.

And in fact, all the varieties used have been previously grafted on  various vinestocks according to the type of soil where they will grow.

Type of soils in delimited area

Clayey, chalky thin soils for the Champagne (grande champagne & petite champagne), clay and flint stones for the Borderies, clayey, chalky soils known as «groies» very similar to those of the Champagne Crus, except for their red colour and hard stones in Fins Bois… The soils are quite different depending from the delimited area. Subject for a next post !

About 6 months from budbreak to harvest in pictures

Débourrage Living in cognac 26 04 2016 02

April : budbreak time

Livingincognac 2017 (10)

Delicate fragance vine flower


Livingincognac 2017 (4)

from flower to tiny berries

livingincognac 2017  livingincognac 2017 peas

june : what we call small peas

livingincognac 2017

july closing of the cluster

livingincognac 2017


August : the veraison  berries become translucent in the sun.

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