December between culture and viticulture

31 very intense days, as usual on december, to be ready for Christmas and new year holidays. Back in pictures on some highlights.


Pretty sunny days in december and so stunning sunsets. Just, what I have seen when I was going back to my car… livingincognac - sunset

In Bordeaux for a business day, I switched over on lunch time to see the awesome exhibition “Montaigne Super Star” in Media center. Very emotional moment to be face to the first edition of the famous “Les Essais” annotated by Montaigne himself.

livingincognac montaigne

Even in winter, vineyards offers  graphic lines, playing  with theses of the sky.

livingincognac - truffieres et vignes

Nice meeting with Line, winegrower and distiller on her property of Cognac Guillon-Pinturaud. To know more about her it’s here on the blog

livingincognac 2016 distiller

Crossing and blurring musical boundaries is an art form for Piers Faccini. travelling from the English moors to the Saharan dunes via Itialia, Sicilia and mediterranean influences, I was in a magic world during this  deligthful evening offered by “Les Quais Ici ou Ailleurs” in Cognac. Like a fairy tale before Xmas.

livingincognac - piers faccini


Christmas dinner is most important. I have ordered truffles from the area and on 24 th december, I was on site before the market opens in nice village of Villebois Lavalette to be sure to have my order. Just the time to take a coffee and read daily regional papers, and….

livingincognac2016 marché aux truffes

…. I got them. I have prepared a glass jar to carry them safely.

livingincognac X mas truffle

A quick stop on the way back to the Mercerie Castle, foolish dream of two brothers, who wanted to build a replica of Versailles Castle close to their old family castle. Nowadays, an association works to the restoration of the castle.

livingincognac2016 Anne Loloum Frangeul



livingincognac2016 la mercerie

And for the last days, we were in Pays Basque, in Biarritz : running along the beach on morning…

livingincognac - biarritz

…and discovering the awesome lightshow on the walls of the Church, in the gardens, and on the walls.

livingincognac - biarritz new year eve

It was really magic. See be yourselves.







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