Back on cognac land news and events in 2018

Some highlights on this year-end, seen from Cognac land. A totally subjective look which does not claim to reflect the full diversity of what happened here during 12 months.  

New record of volume and value for cognac export

Cognac exportations hit a new record for the last campaign, with an increase of 8,2 % in volume and 5,4 % in value. The selected reference period is from August 1st to July 31st of the following year.

An immersive installation in the Fondation Martell

Let’s discover “L’ombre de la vapeur” (the shadow of the vapor) a digital and interactive installation, ordered by the Fondation Martell to the company Adrien M & Claire B. An amazing experience for the visitor who becomes part of the workart.

Artistic collaboration between Vilhs and Hennessy

The exhibition Make the invisible visible retraces both the sources of inspiration of renowned artist Vilhs and the meeting of minds between Maison Hennessy, its innate affinity for the artistic avant-garde illustrated by numerous collaborations with the most pionneering figures of street art, and the portuges artist.

Charente runs through it

Reference to the Robert Redford movie in Montana, the Charente river really runs through the AOC cognac vineyards from east to west. A quiet river which plays with landscape and flows into Atlantic sea just face to the famous “Fort Boyard”. Hop on board, imminent departure.

Manufacture Degorce rend la charentaise désirable

Je vous préviens tout de suite, oubliez l’image vieillotte et l’expression surannée qui lui collait à la semelle, la charentaise est devenue hype. Sans perdre de son extraordinaire confort, elle se pare  de couleurs chiquissimes et affiche une ligne contemporaine irrésistible. Elle est fabriquée par des hommes et des femmes dont le savoir faire est […]

The Corderie Royale, an amazing story

The Corderie Royale belongs to french naval history. Built in the XVII century, this industrial  and historical building had known moments of glory during 150 years, and was a part of  the greatest military arsenal of France. Then, burnt at the end of the second world war, it was nearly destroyed.  The renaissance is due […]

Une moisson de pensées positives

  Dernier jour du mois et dernières heures pour envoyer ses voeux. Je vous souhaite tout le meilleur du monde. Loin des résolutions qui s’avèrent impossible à tenir au fil du temps, je préfère vous envoyer une moisson de pensées positives en commençant par ce qui s’est passé dans notre belle région tout au long […]

Positive thoughts from cognac land

As it’s the last day of january and the very last moment to do it, I wish everyone all my best : no resolutions impossible to reach, just positive thoughts to croos 2018 in a good mood ! Many thanks to each of you to follow and appreciate the blog, facebook page and instagram post. […]

Hunting the black diamond : the truffle

Did you remember our visit to the truffle market just before Xmas in the nice market of Villebois ? I  recently have opportunity to spend an afternoon with Chantal and her nice fellows for a “hunting party”. It has been my great privilege to be there with Chantal, Flo and Masca, as truffle world do […]