Back on a bright august in cognac… and Tuscany

Last business week before the holidays, and we enjoy a lot  the long summer evenings, dinning  outside with friends and talking of this and that… It seems that we live 2 days in one…

In the vineyards, the winegrowers work in the morning time, when the temperature is not too hot. Frederic explains us the trimming and weeding operations. What better than small videos to understand…



On Charente, cruise tourists,  anglo-saxon for most of them,  and fishermen, native of here, for most of them,  share peacefully the river. livingincognac-cruises-on-charente


livingincognac - charente - fishing

A dinner with my aunt and uncle  in their summer house in  Oleron Island and a little stroll along the ocean on sunset before leave them.

livingincognac - atlantic - oleron

Last business lunch, on the terrace of this nice restaurant in the cognac vineyards, called “L’Essille” in Bassac village. In the park car, I find a beautiful red car just beside mine.

livingincognac - lessille - restaurant

In the vineyards, grapes are “closed” a new step.


Vineyards are beautiful at any time. Nevertheless, I believe I prefer on evening between magic light and long shadows of this period.


Holidays in an other vineyards place…

Then on the way to Tuscany, other vineyards, other amazing landscape. So much to see and to taste !

livingincognac-chianti-vineyards livingincognac-chianticlassico livingincognac-eternal-italia livingincognac-san-miniato

We succumbed to the spritz tradition.

livingincognac - spritz-tuscany

Back to cognac.

No rain since end of june, vineyards are a bit thirsty.


In the meantime, the angels drink secretly in the darkness of the cellars. The natural evaporation of eau-de-vie during ageing process is called the part of the angels, la part des anges. They drink a lot in a year, quite the equivalent of 20 millions of bottles. Cheers !

livingincognac - cellars




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