Hunting the black diamond : the truffle

Did you remember our visit to the truffle market just before Xmas in the nice market of Villebois ? I  recently have opportunity to spend an afternoon with Chantal and her nice fellows for a “hunting party”. It has been my great privilege to be there with Chantal, Flo and Masca, as truffle world do […]

Winter weather in cognac vineyards

Since this first days or this new year, winter is there in cognac region,  with its white mornings, frozen fields and vineyards,  frozen grass glittering in sun like today, in short, a “temps de saison” as we say in french. And an opportunity to take photos and share them.

Black colour means wealthy in cognac

At first glance, visitors are often surprised by the black walls and roofs in cognac landscape. Far from being a sign of dirt or neglect, this colour means wealth : cognac sleeps inside. Nearby vineyards, and well protected, some green oaks, hazelnuts or linden trees, grow in the utmost secrecy. On winter time, men and […]