Le Logis du Frêne, rêve de luxe

la façade du logis du Frêne

Du rêve à la réalité C’est un lieu dont chacun rêve en ce moment : une bulle de raffinement, de luxe, de calme et de liberté dans laquelle on oublie l’environnement actuel pour mieux se ressourcer. Au milieu des vignes, en Grande Champagne de cognac, ce lieu d’exception coche toutes les cases. Alors, si vous […]

Find Cognac on a world map

  Cognac is known and appreciated all around the world. More than 95 %  of this luxury product is exported in around 160 countries. As a paradox, a lot of “cognac lovers” get trouble to identify  on a map where it’s coming from…. And if they visit France and cognac region, they are amazed that […]

From green to translucent, the veraison

When the berries become translucent, we call it the “veraison”. It usually allows to determine the harvest date, about 40 days later. End August/beginning september is the time of  ripening process.

Winter weather in cognac vineyards

Since this first days or this new year, winter is there in cognac region,  with its white mornings, frozen fields and vineyards,  frozen grass glittering in sun like today, in short, a “temps de saison” as we say in french. And an opportunity to take photos and share them.