Telling the story of cognac region

Far away from the hustle and bustle of our working lives, cognac needs to take its time, all its time. A generation of winegrowers works for the upcoming one. Suffice it to say that it’s light-years of our connected daily life, and thus, should be more emphasized, a subject of never-ending story.

Distiller, full-time job in wintertime

He/she wakes up early morning, generally between 4 and 6, each day, during the distillation time. As for a single-handed round  world race, he/she crosses non-stop several weeks or months depending from the quantity of vine to be distilled. Even if modern facilities such as computer controlled devices, and gaz heating  allow to sleep at home and no more in […]

November in the heart of a golden autumn

November is the kick off month for distillation. After the harvest time, distillation is a magic moment as well. In the vineyards, last fireworks in  golden and brown colors take place before winter, a great inspiration for pictures… and many business travels this month, visits in museum, so as  a stroll in Pays Basque for week end, as we […]

In the privacy of cognac distilleries

The scottish photograph, Mark Unsworth, is the guest of Cognac Museum till mid january. Famous specialist of food and beverage world, and more specially of the distilleries of Islay island where he lives and works, he has brought a fresh look on cognac distilleries of small properties. And  for him, it has been the story of a nice discovery.