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I’m lucky enough to live and work in a lovely part of France, among cognac vines. I created this blog to share with you some highligts of what happens here, all the year round, the daily life in cognac land and the cognac lifestyle.

Anne du blog Living in Cognac au bord de la Charente près de Cognac


Let’s enter into the legend


In this blog, you will discover the daily life of the cognac land : the genuine quality of life, the stories of those who work for cognac economy, as well as oenotourism, heritage preservation, cultural events

Au chateau de Bagnolet chez hennessy pendant les journées du patrimoine

From vine to glass

The world famous cognac, starts its story here in this so lovely place of south west France. The vines stretch to Atlantic coast en westside, and are the nearest neighbours of Bordeaux vineyards on southside. Each year the ugni-blanc grape variety, produces a white vine which is distilled by the specific process of two-stage method. une distillerie de cognac

The “eau-de-vie” will take time for ageing in oak barrel, in the silent and dark cellars, several decades for the oldest ones. Then comes the time of blending and the high skill of the master blender : with experience and creativity he subtly blends different eaux de vie from various ages and different crus to finally create a cognac. Time and patience could be the motto for cognac.

Since more than 3 centuries, it’s the fabulous story of cognac, year after year. The story of passionate women and men, who work in vines, in distilleries, in cellars, in the big famous houses of Cognac as well as in small family properties. Each generation works for the other, transmission is more than a word here.


Les fûts de chêne alignés dans les chais de cognac chai de cognac

To each is own

Cognac is consumed worldwide, for 70 %, in longdrinks, cocktails or on the rocks, far from the idea of cognac-fireplace-cigar as some french people have from this spirit ! contemporary. The food pairing is also a very nice proposal. Contemporary and cosmpolitan, cognac breaks the codes and the received ideas. Finally, cognac takes all its place for lunch and dinner with delicate food pairing proposals.

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