cognac and me

Famous cognac

First, cognac is a famous name for a famous spirit known and deeply appreciate all around the world, in more than 160 countries. But it’s also  an amazing landscape of vineyards located in South west of France. The vineyards stretch to Atlantic coast and the  nearest neighbours  are Bordeaux vineyards on southside. Cognac region is a really god blessed place with numerous churches, castles, and small villages. Visitors are often surprised when they arrive and discover that cognac is also a city !

Les quais Hennessy à Cognac et le Château Royal



livingincognac 2017 atlantic coast ronce les bains

livingincognac 2017 atlantic coast

Livingincognac 2017

Livingincognac 2017 vineyards 

carte cru Destination cognac

Crus Map Destination cognac BNIC

Charente river is the link

The Charente river is the historical link of this successfull story. From Angoulême, historical town, nowadays  known for its International Comics Festival, to Rochefort where barrels were loaded on board, like the famous l’Hermione, ship of La Fayette, to cross the oceans, the river is a must-see.  Nowadays tourists rent boats to discover the landscape and gastronomy on a “slowlife” way.


Anne du blog living in cognac dans l'exposition Batman au festival de la BD d'angoulême



livingincognac L’hermione ship


livingincognac Anne Loloum Frangeul

Passionate winegrowers

All the year long, specific activities take place in the vineyards, depending from season and weather conditions. From vineyards to distilleries and cellars, I intend to share with you and highlight the expertise and passion of women and men for theirs vineyards. They work what ever the weather, day after day, to produce the most beautiful harvest, the finest vine. It explains partly the subtile and high quality of cognac you drink wherever you are. Time and patience could be the motto for the winegrowers. Each generation works for the other, transmission is more than a word here.

livingincognac 2016 - pruning


livingincognac 2016 distiller

livingincognac - pre harvesting


livingincognac harvest 2016

livingincognac 2017 (2)

living in cognac viticulture durable cognac pasquet

Others skilled blogs and websites speak with talent of cognac, blending, tasting, how to drink it…

Cognac way of life

Living in cognac wants to give you an  other sight of this prestigious eau-de-vie : the daily life, what happens here, either in the vineyards or beside, thus give you an idea of what is our life. And also let you discover the heritage of the cognac land : churches, castles, dovecots and mills, small villages. Almost every month, an international cultural event takes place : international comics strips of Angoulême, Cognac Blues Passion, Violon sur le Sable…. numerous great exhibitions, and the international “circuit des remparts” in september… a so wide choice for anyone !

Livingincognac 2017 post office


Cognac Blues Passions festival


livingincognac 2016 Anne Loloum Frangeul

Villebois Lavalette pld market place


livingincognac 2017 Echallat

lilvingincognac - Max & me


livingincognac - truffle

sur les petits ponts de Vibrac

I hope you will take pleasure to read as I enjoy to make it live.