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livingincognac - La Corderie Royale

The Corderie Royale belongs to french naval history. Built in the XVII century, this industrial  and historical building had known moments of glory during 150 years, and was a part of  the greatest military arsenal of France. Then, burnt at the end of the second world war, it was nearly destroyed.  The renaissance is due to passionnate men 30 years after.

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livingincognac 2017 truffe truffle

Did you remember our visit to the truffle market just before Xmas in the nice market of Villebois ? I  recently have opportunity to spend an afternoon with Chantal and her nice fellows for a “hunting party”. It has been my great privilege to be there with Chantal, Flo and Masca, as truffle world do like discretion and secret. Truffles fields grow in hidden or well protected places. The tuber melanosporum, latin name of this small mushroom, star of festive tables appreciate mystery above all.

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livingincognac Dame de Pique

“la dame de pique” looks like a fairy tale, or the title of a novel. Far from a well marketed storytelling, it’s a lovely  tribute from a grandson to his grandfather who created this unique bewerage 50 years ago. In less than 2 years, Romuald Vincent has set up this family elixir in the trendy parisian bars and palaces. Welcome in his kingdom.

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